Ticket To The Heaven

No man in this world is perfect. Anyone, would ever make mistakes. It is only human. However, sometimes we find people who condemn other human errors as he himself had never done or have errors. Human kind can be called as people who already have a ticket to heaven.Life is beautiful if we could understand each other and understand. Friendship must be properly maintained if we are easy to forgive. When others make mistakes, we see it as a natural thing that can happen to anyone. If it’s done kekilafan that means he is slipping.
Whether consciously or not, intentional or not, or it could be done because of ignorance kekilafan. Whatever the underlying action is wrong, why do not we try to empathize, to behave as we that are in that position. How the decline of our time when we need help, not received a helping hand but insults and curses of the people around us.When dealing with people who do wrong, try to look at instead of the corner of the mistakes made. Be prudent if we look further back. Why did he do that. Whatever is done, all there must be a cause, though fun though. If there is smoke there must be fire. No one can do anything without knowing why he did it, unless the person ngelindur or possessed. The name of motivation, there would be a behind all human actions do not ngelindur and trance. Abraham Maslow’s theory about the motivation of a person’s behavior may be explained, a little or a lot.The name of motivation can be positive or negative, can be good or bad. Good or poor motivation it will be important if you are not ready to forgive bin forgiving. A more forgiving interested in trying how to harmonize the relationship. A vengeful different again. He is more pleased when he considers the opponent is destroyed and is always trying how meluluhtantakkannya. No matter the path taken is not true. For him, there is always a justification for actions that do it. Finally, what happens? Do not expect to appear harmony. What will happen is the emergence of people who are injured and hurt.Yes, to say that humans are not perfect. Jealousy will always exist in the human heart. Resentment will always fester. But it is not a human destiny. We have the same opportunities to become a human being forgiving or vengeful. The good news, it’s all a choice, and we can choose it. Now living kitanya, would choose which one. Want to be a human being forgiving or vindictive. To be a forgiving man, the condition is easy, get rid of all the thistles and thorns in your mind everything that contaminates liver disease such as jealousy.To be vindictive even easier, just do what the devil whispering into your ear and heart obey him in motion. Very easy job to run once. No doubt blame the people who make mistakes is easier than forgiving. Hostile to those who denounce us easier than making it as a friend. If there is a bull shit people put on your doorstep, it would be easy to condemn the perpetrators than to see the benefits that could be a water buffalo dung fertilizer.Now the choice is ours. To be forgiving, be. Take heart, patient, painstaking, strengthen the intention to help despite the mistakes done by others that are so fatal in our eyes. As a vindictive, moreover, more longer. Find other mistakes that the worse the view of people who want us destroyed, close all doors are sorry, but do not have any sense of compassion. If necessary, create a devastating gossip and slander as stocking ingredients. Treat your enemy as a sinner who does not deserve forgiveness. Show that you are human and sacred nirkesalahan and has held a ticket that will certainly not run-down kind of human beings is our enemy. A ticket to paradise. Oh … what a pleasure.

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